As a method of escaping the studio space for the benefits of the Wilderness, last week Lou & Cody set out into Mount Field National Park to explore.

With Alyssa & Anita leading the way, they ventured across Wombat Moor to Mount Mawson, before descending to Lake Belcher - named after ol' Bill Belcher: the very first ranger of Mount Field back in 1917, and considered to be "one of the kindliest, best-tempered and wittiest men walking the earth".

It was a damp and misty day, but within the comfort of their grar the majestic winter landscape was a sight to behold. Trickling streams, pillows of pure white snow, verdant montane forests and grande mountains...Another incredible piece of the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Notes: Wild Pedder, Guided Tours, Lake Pedder, Tasmania, Bushwalking, Kayaking, Southwest Tasmania