We Did It! Thank You!

A massive thank you to all of you! Our inaugural season is complete, and everything worked out better than we could've imagined. To all the people who have assisted us, worked with us, and joined us for our adventures - you're the greatest. Wild Pedder would not be what it is without all of you!

- Cody & Lou x

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We Did It! Thank You!

The Weekend Australian: Wild Pedder feature

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Here's a little look at the article we featured in on the weekend. It's such a pleasure taking people to these remote places, immersing ourselves in the environment, sharing the stories, creating new ones. The Pedder story is one of turmoil, heartbreak, grandeur, loss, gain, gusto and new horizons. This is a mere snippet of the immensity of this tale. Do yourself a favour and look into it for yourself.

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Wild Pedder #2

Wild Pedder #2

We were promised an experience comprising breath-taking scenery, challenging walks, kayaking on the incredible Lake Pedder as well great food and accommodation, all set in the world heritage wilderness area of South West Tasmania. Wow...we got all of this and more! It was an experience we will never forget.
— Bernard, VIC

On Friday December 9 2016, a group of five intrepid explorers from Victoria set out with Cody and Lou for Wild Pedder #2 - the second ever Pedder Experience - in what can only be described as classic Tasmanian weather conditions!

Over the four days the team were lucky to witness some absolutely incredible Southwest Tassie wilderness: from blizzards to sunshine, mountains to lakes, and everything in between. 

A huge thank you to the crew. Check out the photos below!

Wild Pedder features in Tas Weekend magazine

Wild Pedder are proud to have been featured within the Saturday Mercury's Tas Weekend Magazine. A fantastic article written by Alice Hansen (of Tailored Tasmania) truly captures all that the Pedder Experience offers: wilderness, adventure & pleasures...

Check it out at Tas Weekend Online or download the PDF.

The Premier Wild Pedder Adventure!!!

The Premier Wild Pedder Adventure!!!

Over the weekend just passed Lou and Cody were joined by a fantastic group of four to experience the very first Pedder Experience! EVER!

What a weekend it was! With initial weather forecasts predicting torrential rain and gale force winds across the state, everything turned out quite the opposite with the easterly weather system holding off until the third of four days and even then it hardly brushed against Southwest Tassie. A miracle indeed!

The group was incredibly lucky to have still conditions upon Mount Field providing for fantastic wilderness sights and sounds. Kayaking upon Lake Pedder was like a dream. The Mount Eliza ascent was best described as windy, and well worth the effort. And the Florentine Valley - well the photographs speak for themselves!

Cody and Lou could not have been happier with how the tour unfolded. Over 18 months of planning had built up to this moment and to finally get to share the jewel that is Southwest Tasmania, and witness the wonderment of their new friends was like nothing else.

A huge thank you to the team, and to everyone that has helped us to get this far!

A guide to Tasmania's mythical huts series

A guide to Tasmania's mythical huts series

There are places in Tasmania’s wilderness where a little slice of home pierces the belly of the wilds. It might be as simple as a few enamel cups hung off some rusty and bent old nails or the warmth of a fireplace that has seen the gaze of a thousand weary travellers. It is Tasmania’s high country huts that I speak of and their deep and sorted histories.

Winter Wanderings

Winter Wanderings

A little boggy in places, but the most incredible mountain vistas...

Pilot Trip Pleasures - Our very first trip!

Pilot Trip Pleasures - Our very first trip!

Over fours days in April we ran our very first full Pedder Experience in the form of a "pilot trip". With a few friends along for the ride, the trip was a method of testing our logistics, gathering feedback on our selected activities and operations, and to taste the delicious menu designed for us at  Pedder Wilderness Lodge.

A great deal of effort had gone into getting the Wild Pedder idea to this stage and Cody & I were both nervous and incredibly excited to be running our first trip.

Whilst everything ran as smoothly as we had hoped there was still so much gained from the pilot trip. Some really great feedback from our friends and some great opportunities to experience and reflect upon the Pedder Experience and how to make it the absolute best tour of it's kind in Tasmania.

We had a fantastic trip. Check out some of the beautiful photos taken by Alec below of the mesmerising wilderness encountered on the Wild Pedder pilot trip...

A Tea Ceremony & A Picnic

A Tea Ceremony & A Picnic

We teamed up with a Tasmanian designer Matty Sykes today for something a little special.

With Alyssa and Alec along for the experience we headed to Lake Pedder and kayaked to Wilmot Island for a picnic lunch and photo shoot.

Matty set up an incredible tea & smoke ceremony, and a feast was shared by all.



The Frankland Range

The Frankland Range

For seven days over the New Year period Cody, Alyssa & Lou set out on an off-track bushwalk along the Wilmot & Frankland Ranges on the Western shore of Lake Pedder in Tasmania's Southwest National Park.

Purely for pleasure; the adventure did not fail to please.

Meanderings with  Purpose!

Meanderings with Purpose!

The idea has been born. Discussions are beginning. With four days set aside and a list of tracks and trails we set out into the Southwest and gave our boots a good wearing.

Day 1: Lake Judd from Red Tape Creek.

A challenging day. A muddy day.

Day 2: Mt Anne from Condominium Ck 

A challenging day. A long day. A rewarding day.

Day 3: Mt Sprent from Serpentine Dam

A challenging day. Incredible views along the Wilmot & Frankland ranges. 

Day 4: The Florentine Valley: Timb's, Adamsfield & Cook's tracks

Incredible rainforest, pristine rivers and dense scrub!