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Gear & Fitness


Gear & Fitness

Gear & Fitness

Gear required for Wild Pedder


Having the right gear is especially important. Not only for your comfort through out our adventure, but for your safety also. It is critical that you have adequate gear for the activities we enjoy, and the environment within which we undertake them. 

Please see the list of gear items required for the Wild Pedder experience. All items are compulsory: excluding a small number of recommended items listed at the bottom of this document.

All items are to be supplied by you with exception of the items marked ** which can be hired (we can organise these for you - see details at time of booking).



** - Gear for Hire if required

Walking Gear

  • Back-pack (min 35L) with pack cover in case of rain

  • Top quality GoreTex or equivalent jacket** (hired complimentary by Wild Pedder if required)

  • Hiking boots - ankle support and good quality

    • Good quality walking boots help minimise blisters and support you on rough trails

    • Checkout for examples and feel free to contact us to chat about boots

    • NB: low profile boots, runners, or sand shoes are not acceptable

  • 2 x Quick dry short or pant

  • 2 x Walking shirt (Merino or quick dry equivalent, long sleeves are good to keep your arms out of the sun)

  • Sun hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen

  • Beanie (wool or synthetic)

  • Gloves (water resistant with insulation)

  • 2 x Thermal layer top and bottom, (wool or synthetic- no cotton)

  • Warm fleece or thick wind stopper

  • Water bottle or equivalent capacity for 1 litre minimum

  • Head torch + spare batteries

  • Good quality walking socks (2-3 pairs)

  • Gaiters (either short or full length)** - for keeping snow, mud and debris out of your shoes and protecting your legs from the vegetation

  • Over pants / waterproof pants**

  • Walking poles** - Walking poles can shift up to 30% of the load from your knees to your upper body

Kayaking Gear

  • Bather bottoms, shorts or pants that you do not mind getting wet

  • Wetsuit boots or equivalent water sport footwear

  • Light towel or microlite towel


These items and any spare walking items can be packed into a suitcase or other larger bag and can be kept within your room at the accommodation whilst we are out adventuring:

  • Comfortable evening attire for 3 nights separate from walking gear

  • Casual footwear for the lodge

  • Reading book

  • Phone charger

  • Toiletries etc


  • Camera

  • Insect repellent

  • Journal

  • Sketching pad

If you have any queries regarding gear please feel free to contact us.  

Need somewhere to purchase Gear?

Wild Pedder recommend Paddy Pallin - an Australian family owned store since 1930. They stock a wide range of quality gear, and their in store employees understand the need for quality equipment when participating in adventure activities. 

Visit their website to find a store near you. Take in our Gear List and get some great advice.

Fitness Preparation for Wild Pedder

Whilst the Wild Pedder activities are not extreme in any sense, there is still a requirement for a reasonable level of fitness to both ensure your safety, and for your enjoyment of the experience.  

If you are capable of walking an average of 12 km a day over four consecutive days across rugged terrain, then you will be fine for our walks. We include a 16 km kayak in our itinerary, which requires the same level of  cardio vascular fitness as one of our walks, with the added bonus that you get to rest your legs!

Preparation for our Wild Pedder trips is highly recommended, particularly if you're not exercising regularly. Walking a few times a week for an hour or two with some weight will help ensure you get the most out of your Pedder Experience when it comes time for our adventure. 

Steep inclines and declines are a part of hiking in the wilderness, which at times can be hard on peoples knees. It is recommended that people take this into account when booking onto our trips. In saying this, we are well aware that this is a part of the adventure and we will be taking our time to ensure everyone feels comfortable, can pause take photos, soak up the stunning vistas,  and don't feel  rushed. 

During our booking process we will take the time to discuss these points, to ensure you feel comfortable. If you have any further questions or want to discuss fitness related issues before booking a trip, feel free to contact us




Weather & Adventure

Weather & Adventure

Weather & Adventure

Weather & Adventure


Average Annual Rainfall >2500 mm

over 250 rain days per year


Lowest ever recorded temp. -4 °C

The South West of Tasmania is an incredibly diverse, rich and raw area - somewhat synonymous with the weather patterns it receives! 

The maritime climate of Tasmania means that all types of weather can be expected at any time of the year: it is just as plausible that the sun will be shining at 30+ degrees in January as snow will be falling. There is the possibility that you could encounter a bluebird day, or very strong winds and driving rain. It is for these reasons we would like to ensure people think carefully when preparing their gear from our gear list. By the same token, we do not want the thought of this weather relationship to discourage people, in fact it is inherently a part of Southwest Tasmania’s majestic and brooding beauty, and it is something we very much enjoy embracing.


35 km walked over 3 days

16 km paddled

1610 metre total elevation gain

The walking and kayaking we provide at Wild Pedder are designed to amaze and challenge people. Our trips are targeted at people who have undertaken some form of bushwalking, adventure trips, kayaking or trekking in the past. However, with thorough preparation, our itineraries are suitable for people with limited experience and an adventurous heart.

Challenging mountain ascents and descents, and open water kayaking and alike are part and parcel of our trips; a well-justified meal at the end of the day is what we aim for. Our itinerary intends to get the most out of the landscapes around us, whilst providing the opportunity for people to push themselves and achieve rewarding results both physically and mentally.  

All guides working for Wild Pedder are qualified in Wilderness First Aid, and our leaders are very experienced in the field of wilderness guiding and expedition style trips. Decisions on itinerary changes based on weather patterns, and the comfort and safety of our guests are paramount. All decisions are carefully considered, and conclusions are made in the best interests of safety and experience.